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Satisfaction Evaluation Surveys

Dear Students,

Within the framework of our quality policy governed by the principle of user orientation, which aims to correspond optimally to the needs and expectations of those who seek us, and by the principle of continuous improvement, which systematically seeks to identify opportunities for improvement and implement the necessary actions to achieve it, the satisfaction of our students is one of the priorities of the work of teachers and non-teaching staff at the FPCEUP.

It is in this context that we are starting to make surveys available online to find out how satisfied you are with some of the Faculty’s services; your contribution will allow us to assess existing practices and implement alternative solutions that may correspond, increasingly better, to your needs and challenges. Your answers are a way to inform us about what is less good, but we are also counting on you to give us suggestions and to point out what you think is good.

In this first moment, you will find the surveys available for the Library (link), Academic (link) and International Relations and Mobility (link) services; in Sigarra, on the website of each of these services, a menu “Service Satisfaction Survey” will be available permanently on the right side. Please use it whenever you have something positive or negative to say. The results will be analyzed quarterly and a report will be made available in  the same place, as well as, if applicable, the improvement measures implemented.

Your contribution is precious and indispensable to us, being, at the same time, a responsibility for all who, as active, conscious and intervening users, decide to participate.

Academic greetings,

Luísa Faria


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